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Brad C.
20/10/2002 3:02pm
FINALLY! I have been watching this project for a LONG time and I finally saw it on freshmeat today...

I took a screenshot here:

I seem to be having a problem with the icon images?
on mouseOvers the icons look fine?

I am using Mandrake 9.0
20/10/2002 8:57pm
What bit depth is your screen running?

I'm running 32bit I think, and chances are it'll look ok in that bit depth, and wrong in other bit depths... I shouldv'e checked the other bit depths.

Thanks for the report.
Brad C.
20/10/2002 10:12pm
I will get back to you with that info....

but i wanted to let you know another site already has
screenshot of i.scribe for Linux up too and they look great!

Brad C.
20/10/2002 10:19pm
I am running at 24 bits (16 million colors)

it seems to be the highest it will go on my laptop