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Author/Date feature request: : mozilla-based html renderer
Alexandre Plennevaux
03/01/2008 10:33am
i don't know if it is at all possible, but there is a plugin that allows html emails to be rendered via the internet explorer engine.
Would it be possible to have the choice to use another, installed browser?
on my system i use firefox and opera, and only internet explorer for testing my sites.

thanks for your attention and happy new year!

03/01/2008 9:45pm
I would love to be able to offer that, but the other browers don't export their HTML control in a way that I can embed in Scribe.

I've tried embedding Firefox's HTML engine but there is no way other than to build it from source and ship a 4mb component. Which seams to defeat the porpose. If I could use the component from a normal install of Firefox life would be peachy.
Alexandre Plennevaux
06/01/2008 11:11pm
arf, indeed.