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Author/Date Opening PDF attachment crashes Scribe
21/12/2007 3:30pm
When trying to open PDF attachments Scribe crashes. It could be a problem with how Acrobat Reader is installed on my machine, so if you're unable to duplicate the problem please disregard this message.

To Duplicate:
1) Open an email that has a PDF attachment
2) Go to the Attachments tab
3) Double click on the file

When the file is double clicked on, it generates a stack dump. The following stack dump was created using InScribe v1.90 Test1 Debug on Windows XP. Adobe Acrobat Reader v.8.1.1 is doing the PDF handling.

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005
Date: 12/21/2007 7:48:35a

Call stack:
7C9EC3FD: I:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll Offset: 0xB4 (SHRestricted)
1004957F: C:\Code\Lgi\src\win32\Lgi\GGeneral.cpp Line: 398
0046232F: C:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeAttachment.cpp Line: 452
1006BC0F: C:\Code\Lgi\src\common\Widgets\GList.cpp Line: 1514
00486BD2: C:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeMail.cpp Line: 1572
1006E247: C:\Code\Lgi\src\common\Widgets\GList.cpp Line: 2226
7E418734: I:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll Offset: 0x6D (GetDC)
10047F34: C:\Code\Lgi\src\win32\Lgi\GApp.cpp Line: 669
0043CECA: C:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeMain.cpp Line: 103
7C816FD7: I:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll Offset: 0x49 (RegisterWaitForInputIdle)
24/12/2007 7:43pm
The same happens when trying to open attached jpg's or gif's, either ones that arrive attached or ones that I try to send - and this in both 1.89test22 or test21.
24/12/2007 7:55pm
According to that log the crash is inside ShellExecute...

Status = (int) ShellExecuteW(NULL, L"open", f, a, d, 5);

So technically it's windows code :)

I'll try and reproduce it locally.