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Author/Date Version 1.90 b1 lost usage of special chars in mails
16/12/2007 8:54pm

With the new version 1.90b1 the ability is lost to use special charaters like ', ", é and so on. Version 1.89b22 does work fine regarding this feature. Due to my native language (Dutch) I switched back to 1.89b22 (luckely without troubles)


W2KSP4 US version
16/12/2007 9:44pm
What keyboard mapping are you using?

I did change the keyboard input code so I'm not surprised there are troubles. I did check that I could enter accents on the english keyboard.
17/12/2007 6:21am
I use US-international. This layout makes it vary easy to create characters like é (= '+e)

24/12/2007 7:44pm
Same here with a french keyboard - accented caracters are OK, it's the special caracters like
!§µ£<> etc
that won't show.
I've gone back to 1.89test22 which doesn't have this problem.

And best holiday wishes fret and thanks for all your hard work with the best email client anywhere.
24/12/2007 7:55pm
So it appears that the TranslateMessage function that Windows has does 3 things:

  • Mapping WM_KEYDOWN to WM_CHAR
  • Converting Alt+### into a WM_CHAR
  • Converting various Deadkey+Key into WM_CHAR

I've covered the first 2 cases but I havn't been able to replicate the third case. Which is what your talked about here. So maybe I HAVE to use TranslateMessage and work around the bugs in that function. I'll have a play with that idea for the next build of v1.90
31/12/2007 3:25pm
you are an amateur for sure what a joke this is
01/01/2008 6:55am
Hey, easy there "amateur"... why the name calling?

What are you agravated about?
03/02/2008 10:26pm
Guys, have a look at v1.90 test2, it should work the same as the latest v1.89.
10/02/2008 11:32am
No problems so far with 190.test2.
The special caracters all show up.
So, so far so good !