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Author/Date Linux is impressing me
15/12/2007 4:20am
How cool is this! I just updated my Ubuntu linux distro. I have the Win32 Scribe on my USB stick. I plug it into a usb port under linux. I open the scribe folder (189 test21 - Win32) and run Scribe.exe.

It opens! It works!! WTF!!!!I receive mail and send some test mails with no problem.

Pop3 , gmail, up and running.

The only problem is the tool bar icons. I can only see them when the mouse hovers over them. Also the system font needed to change.

Did something seriously cool happen in the Linux world?
22/02/2008 9:02pm
Wine support improves all the time.
23/02/2008 5:20am
I later figure it was something like that. I forgot I even had it installed.