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Author/Date 6 months... poor Linux.
17/10/2002 5:55pm
First Linux screenie was shown around 6 months ago, give or take 1-2 months, and still there isn't even an Alpha to download?

Don't take me wrong though, since I no longer have any interest in getting my grubby hands on it this isn't a "gimme gimme gimme" post, it's more like a "what's happening" post with a bitter taste (cause I too actually waited for it there for a while).

But judging from what I remember, there are surely still alot of people waiting for it, and the idea of cross platform access to mailbox with i.Scribe (without using webmail) is nice so don't give up on it.

i.Scribe simply have no edge whatsoever aside from the cross platform thing when it come to Linux e-mail clients, and it's limited in the biggest way possible with filters and multipop, so question, will there be a Linux in.Scribe also? I see very little reason for it.
17/10/2002 8:01pm
The beos port took more than 6 months... and I'm limited in my free time to develop the port.

I have agreed however to make a release this month (Oct) on the Linux platform. Thats like 2 weeks of time... and I think that is still very acheivable. I think it's 98% ready for alpha testing.

So while it seems like a long time, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Also with regards to InScribe, there will be a up to date copy of InScribe on any platform that has i.Scribe, and that means Linux as well.

When the Linux version is running stable (Jan next year?), I'll look into a *BSD port as well.
18/10/2002 8:54pm
Well, what can I say...

We're here, go and check the downloads section.