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23/10/2007 12:00am
I'm noticing that some of my filters seem to be pulling spam out of the spam folder and putting it into the filters target folder. Is there a way to stop this from happening, possibly a condition that I could add to the filter (mail.markedAsSpam = false) or something like that?

01/11/2007 9:36pm
OK, I just took another look through the Scribe DOM and still don't see anything related to finding whether a message is marked as spam or not. I thought I may have been missing something, but it looks like that is something that's not implemented yet. I'll throw a feature request up in Bugzilla regarding this (see bug #170).
01/11/2007 10:04pm
The flag for "spam" is:
#define MAIL_BAYES_SPAM 0x00020000

And the field it's stored in a mail's "flags" field which, appears not to be accessible via the DOM. So I've added that to the DOM for the next release.

But that doesn't help you if you can't test for a flag.

So I've allowed the user to access individual flags via the array operator for the flags field. Thus to access a given field you can use this syntax:

For instance. This'll be in v1.90.
02/11/2007 3:16am
Oooh, very interesting. Can't wait to play with that. Thanks.