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Author/Date 1.89 stable (win32) calender bug
03/10/2007 1:44am
After opening an event in the calender and clicking on the date or time selection arrows Inscribe hangs if instead of choosing a time or date you try to close the calender event.
03/10/2007 11:13am
There isn't a "stable" build of v1.89 stable version... yet. I'm working on a release called that as I type.

Anyway I can't get this to happen on my machine. Maybe if you describe in more detail exactly what you did?
03/10/2007 11:39pm
1) Open or create an event.
2) Click on a date (or time) selection arrow.
3) Close the event using the "X" in the top right corner of the event box (without having selected a date or time first).

Now the program hangs!
03/10/2007 11:48pm
If you go help -> about, what is the exact version next to the Scribe icon?
04/10/2007 12:35am
v1.89 Stable Release
Build Sep 27 2007 14:40:24
04/10/2007 12:46am
Hehe, it's not a official release. I know it's on the site... but I know there are problems with it. The official release is still a few days away...

Sorry for the confusion...
04/10/2007 1:58am
Oops...guess I tried this one too soon!