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Author/Date Activesync and/or google calendar
02/10/2007 3:43pm
Is there likely to be an option to sync to PDA's or mobile phones in the future with active sync or something similar. Or even sync with google calendar?

That would make this an awsome piece of software then :)

Keep up the good work!

03/10/2007 11:20am
I can definitely see Google calendar support, but ActiveSync?

It's a Microsoft product right? Blech.

Is there an open standards/source version of that?
03/10/2007 12:30pm

Its really so that i can sync to my PDA/phone and maintain my diaries between work and home and unfortunatly work run everything microsoft :(

I have tried running iscribe on my pocket pc running windows mobile v5 but it doesn't work.

Making this a mobile application will really open up your market seeing how it is so small and fast?

I don't know much about source code and the like but there is a developers pack and other info here

Thanks for the reply

01/11/2007 3:05pm
Yes, I think if you can put that features, it would be great.
Thank you for making this great software.