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15/10/2002 6:26pm

I'm working on a norwegian translation for Scribe.

I notice that some western european characters (, , , , , ) is displayed as questionmarks (?) on the program menu/dialogs. (Or they don't show up at all...)

Is there a solution to this?

15/10/2002 6:33pm
Ketil, I can agree with that. I noticed that a in the Dutch translation transformed to a < or something like that.
Matthew, can you give us a clue?

15/10/2002 9:26pm
The v1.82 release moves to a completely utf-8 resource file, so as long as you have a utf-8 editor (or a very recent LgiRes) then you can use whatever characters you want.

There is a test build up on the site at the moment.

If you want to migrate your existing translation to the new file format I can do that for you, because it'd be a lot of work by hand. LgiRes has a "import language" function for adding a tranlation from another file.

Also you might want to mention which charset your editing your translation in, so that I can trans-code it into utf-8 correctly.
16/10/2002 5:29am

Converting the lr8 file to UTF-8 made the difference! Thanks alot. (Don't know how I could miss that point..)

Btw: The labels and checkboxes should be made as wide as possible; the non-english words/sentences tends to be a little longer than the english ones. :)
16/10/2002 8:13pm
When I receive a translation I generally check through the major dialogs and make sure it's visible. So don't worry too much at this point, I can adjust things size wise later.