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Author/Date Trouble uploading files
03/08/2007 10:14pm
I infrequently use an ftp site/program, and would like to start doing so more often.

I've used iftp successfully with other peoples sites, but when I try to do so with my own ftp dropbox with earthlink webhosting, I can't get it to upload files. It logs on, but only uploads the filename with 0kb size.

I called earthlink, and all is well there, they say. They got it to work. They suggested it is my firewall or something. I'm just running through a router, and have Norton 2005 on my computer.

Can you give me the 1-2-3 of what I'm doing wrong please? I'm very literate, but just not with ftp stuff.

Thank you.
05/08/2007 11:54pm
Maybe try enabling the "active" checkbox when you connect. See if it makes a difference.

Otherwise you might need to provide me with a test account to test it from my connection in debug mode. Obviously don't post the details here, but email it to me if you want me to have a look at the issue.