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20/09/2002 10:38am
Can i scribe check mail or will this be an option later?
20/09/2002 2:06pm
Yahoo deliberately disabled POP3 access for free email.
But you can try YahooPops, d/l at:
It's supposed to let email programs like Scribe check Yahoo mail. Didn't work for me though.
21/09/2002 9:18am
You could also have a look at some instant messaging clients:

Trillian ) and Easy message ( they don't have facility to read email but can notify when yahoo mail (and aol and hotmail) has arrived.

You might also want to try having a look at xhermes
( it's a add-on for Mozilla (and probably Netscrap too). allows you to check webmail easily from within browser
Steven Hall
21/09/2002 11:09am
> Yahoo deliberately disabled POP3 access for free email.

I find that interesting. I have just downloaded my mail from Yahoo and have been doing so since forever.

There is a condition that you have to let Yahoo send you "special promotional offers"---or something like that---before they'll let you access your POP account. Many people objected to that and claimed that they would never use Yahoo as their mailer as they will never agree to be spammed. Well, I have NEVER received any special promotion messages from Yahoo---so I would say that it is safe to turn that option on.

If you telnet to the yahoo pop server and try to log on, you should see an error message with an URL to get more info.
22/09/2002 12:20am