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11/06/2007 3:26am
Well I like iFtp so much I transfered all of my listings over to it. And deleted my old ftp client.
I have a problem however. I can't copy the passwords out of iFtp's lists. This is the *only* place I have some of them stored. The passwords are still there, but Ctrl-C doesn't copy them to the clipboard.
How do/can I, get them extracted?
I tried looking in the XML file, but they appear encrypted.
04/07/2007 5:23pm
One way to figure them out is to use a tool like Wireshark ( Wireshark is a free network sniffer that allows you to see raw network traffic. If you start it running and then use your old program to log in to the various sites you can't remember the passwords for, you can then analyze the output of Wireshark and find the passwords in plain text. It's probably easiest to try one site at a time so you don't get too many packets to look at at one time. Hope this helps you.