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Author/Date options in Mac test15
29/03/2007 10:24am
Hi to all,

I've copied my folders.mail2 from Windows to Mac, which went easily. But how do I copy my ISP's from InScribe-win to InScribe-Mac? Or do I have to do that manually?
Second: I guess plugins don't work yet?
But apart from that: great! to have Scribe on a Mac!
29/03/2007 11:14am
Copy over the 'ScribeOptions.xml' file to the same directory the Scribe application is in and you should find that a) it replaces an existing file (maybe back that up first) and b) your accounts are all there now.
29/03/2007 11:30am
Indeed! My accounts are all there but: under 'Identity' it shows only one Identity (my main one) and - probably as a result from this - under 'Mail' I can only select 'Receive all accounts'. Is this a bug, a feature or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for the quick reply!
29/03/2007 11:33am
Sorry! I noticed that I yet have to fill in my personal information for each separate Identity. Sorry for the hassle!
29/03/2007 11:36am
One more: under 'Mail' the only option is still 'Receive all accounts'. So what do I have to do?
29/03/2007 12:50pm
The sub-menu is busted I think. So open out the status panel and double click the individual account to cause it to connect and get mail. Or right click on it.