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16/03/2007 6:35pm
Inscribe 1.89 test13

The focus thing still occurs - if you click on say the Inbox there would be the focus on the first (top) message, then if you click on the next folder down there is no focus, then there is on the next one down, and so on.
16/03/2007 8:35pm
When I try that the focus moves to the tree control. Which is as it should be. Windows uses the "click to focus" concept.
16/03/2007 8:45pm
Maybe I wasn't very clear in my explanations, I meant the folder tree. That is to say clicking on the Inbox on the folder gives focus on the first message in the Inbox, then when clicking on the next folder down in the folder tree the focus is lost (no focus on the first message in that folder, therefore no text showing in the mail pane). Then clicking on the NEXT folder down in the folder tree, there IS focus on the fist message in that folder and the the text of that message shows in the mail pane... and so on down - one on, one off...
16/03/2007 8:51pm
ah I get it now. I'll have a look at it.