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Author/Date Lost Emails!!
11/09/2002 7:20pm
My computer rebooted - Opera and iScribe were running at the time - when I restarted the computer, iScribe was open, and the 'Inbox' folder was empty!

The 'sent' and 'contacts' folders seem alright though...

Is there a way to get the emails back?

The mail folder/file thing is around 4 megs, which seems about right, so maybe the emails are still in there, but somehow just hidden?
11/09/2002 7:39pm
The repair tool is not up to date so at the moment there is no way to restore corrupted folders.

However I will bump that up my todo list so that one of the new versions will include such functionality.

PS: If you don't compact your folder then the old email will sit there until you can repair it. New email won't interfer with it.
11/09/2002 9:28pm
Alright, thanks for your reply! I'll wait till you are able to release the tool...