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10/09/2002 8:25am
I notice there's a new Spam button on the toolbar that moves any message to the spam folder when pressed... I guess this feature will be extended somehow to incorporate blacklists etc? Just wondering :)

Keep up the good work :D
10/09/2002 9:17am
I'm keen to implement some bayesian filters sometime, and well they need a group of spam and non-spam. So I'm collecting my own personal stockpile.

The spam button is to make it easier to collect the spam and mark it as such for future efforts at filtering.
11/09/2002 2:47am
The bayesian spam link was an interesting read, glad to see that you've taken interest in it, and hope to see future anti-spam efforts in i.Scribe some day.

Only flaw is that you still download it, which to me still is a semi-win for the spammer, it's like "Hey I may have missed your window with that piece of crap I threw, but atleast now it's on your yard". That's why I eliminate it directly on server, out of close to 5000 filtered mails I've had 2 wrongly detected as spam, and since logs are kept and people more then often have a "Sent" folder in their e-mail client, it's often just a matter for e-mailing a "Please re-send e-mail x to me" request and adding to allow list.

But my filters aren't 100%, still some get through, and it's for those more uncategorisable ones I'd like a antispam feature builtin to my client, to catch the last 1-5% that irritate me.
10/10/2002 5:08pm
Adding to Lowspirit, I thought that even a couple of buttons for friend and spam lists added to the preview screen may be a simple (alas manual) but powerful add on with code checking the friend/spam data files.
16/11/2002 6:18am
I get and error when I use the SPAM ... couldn't find the folder '/spam' ?!
Jered Winchester
14/11/2003 4:42am
create a spam folder. it worked for me