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Author/Date Marked (very minor) & Has Attachment
Half Cocked
09/09/2002 7:47pm
Right click message in list, choose properties,
"[ ] Marked" is in list but does not correspond to Marked (by color) that is in right click menu, and Marked under properties doesn't stay checked either.

While on the subject of properties, I'd prefer to be able to uncheck "Has Attachments" after I have deleted the attachments. I understand the reason for having it grayed out is probably to show the message had attachments when received, but enabling unchecking it would make it easier to know which ones still really have attachments. It seems like leaving it checked by default after attachment is deleted, while allowing it to be manually unchecked through properties when there are no attachments, would be the best scenario.
09/09/2002 8:32pm
This is deprecated, and should be removed from the properties because it's no longer a flag, it's a separate field (to encode the colour).

This is used by the program to cache information about the presence of attachments. What should happen here is that when you delete the last attachment the flag is cleared automatically. So I'll implement it like that.

Thanks for the feedback.