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Author/Date (how) does the throttle work?
02/11/2006 10:10pm
I'm trying to use iFTP to send large number of files (450MB worth) from my workstation to NetWare 6.5 servers across our WAN links. I get connected fine, but if I don't throttle it appears to take 100% of the band width available. For example, a 17mb file copies in 1.5 minutes.

So, I use the tool in the bottom of the window to set the max to, for example, 512kbps. If I don't slide the bar, leaving the indicator at "no limit", it appears to continue to act w/o a throttle. If I slide the bar, leaving the indicator at 95% of 512kbps, the FTP transaction just crawls at an incredibly slow rate. It took 1.5 minutes to move a 145kb file.

Am I using the tool wrong?