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Michael Crocker
01/09/2002 4:23pm
My ISP made some changes to allow them to set up web-based email interface. Among the changes was SMTP Authentication. Scribe now won't connect to their default SMTP server. Apparently it's some incompatibility between the two. I don't have any other email account which uses SMTP Authentication so I can't test Scribe's SMTP authentication with another account. I did however try another email program (YAMC) with my ISP and that program did work. While I do have a workaround that solved the problem with my ISP (they set up a non-auth. server), I would still like to know what, if anything, I can do to make Scribe work. (I have a number of log files to monitor what is going on if that would help.) I read a little about SMTP Authentication and RFC 2554 at this site:
But one troubleshooting method it suggested - telnet - does not work with my ISP's SMTP server. Any other troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated. And if there is nothing that I can do to fix it, I'd like to know that too.

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