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Author/Date Couldn't open a connection to the server
24/01/2022 9:14am
Happened across all email outbound servers (in InScribe). This is what showed up on the debug enabled log:

OpenSSLSocket.cpp:900 - BIO_new_connect=00000000054C8A80
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:911 - BIO_do_connect=0
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:921 - BIO_do_connect=1
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:931 - open loop finished=1
Connected to ''
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:954 - SslSocket::Open status=1
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:1364 - BIO_read(0000000005535B58,4096)=-1
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:1368 - BIO_should_retry=0 IsBlocking=1
OpenSSLSocket.cpp:1084 - BIO_free
Connection closed.

I believe I am using the most recent versions of the OpenSSL and libssl-1_1-x64 and libcrypto-1_1-x64 DLL's.

This is on Windows 10. The issue does not arise on Linux.

Any helpful ideas here?
27/01/2022 2:23am
The above issue is with version 2.4.18.

FWIW, I have successfully gotten an older version, 2.0 build 69 Release, to successfully send emails using the same SMTP server and settings. With that Scribe build the DLL file ossltest.dll was sufficient to do the trick. Not so with 2.4.18.

Comparing the logs, the critical difference appears to be in the

BIO_read(xxxxxxxx,4096)=8 with the successful execution, vs.
BIO_read(xxxxxxxx,4096)=-1 with the unsuccessful one.

The permissions on the respective Database.sqlite files are identical, so I am flummoxed about where some putative read issue might arise from.
27/01/2022 8:01am
Not sure if this helps but I have OpenSSL 1.1.1h 64bit installed, and obviously it'd working for me. I'll try the latest and see what happens.
27/01/2022 8:14am
Ok so with the latest version of OpenSSL on Windows 10 I get the "not installed" error message because they've renamed the DLL's (again). Nice of them.... when I fix that things connect ok again. So I expect you'll have to wait for the next windows build to get it working again.

Speaking of which I have a few show stopper issues to resolve before I make that release. I was hoping earlier in Jan but then broke some stuff and I've been dealing with a whole bunch of hardware upgrades, failures and OS re-installs the last few weeks.
29/01/2022 6:25am
Thank you. I figured it might be some issue of that ilk.

Could you, by any change, post the properly named older OpenSSL version DLL files here? (Or, if I knew the old vs. new names I could copy & paste and just rename?) As a hack I could at least put them in the Scribe executable folder, where they would serve until your next build.
01/02/2022 7:32am
If you go here and grab the v1.1.1 based release (scroll past the v3.0 builds) that should still work ok with the currently available release.