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Author/Date Problem with default Mail Client.
31/08/2002 5:56am
I confirmed Scribe as the default mail client,
but as soon as the default client is called,
a fu... Outlook mail window is opened.

Has anyone an idea how I can set the default
client manually?
31/08/2002 9:41am
The configuration for the default client is in:

So have a look in there and find out whether Outlook has overwritten the setting or something.
02/09/2002 7:22am
Found it! Thanks!

It seems that Outlook is installed as default as soon as I start any other Office application :-( incuding Access, Word, Excel.

Microsoft! What is there to say :-)

08/09/2002 8:08am
Isn't there some way around that? I'm sure I've seen Netscape Messenger take over on a machine with Office on it.
08/09/2002 8:35am

"Q: How do I set or change my default mail client?

A: Your default mail client is set by Windows' Internet Options. To check or change this setting, click the Start menu, click Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Internet. On the Programs tab, in the E-mail list, select the program you want to be the default email client."

I've followed these instructions, and a Scribe window open for Mailto: links. Shell links, however, throw the following error message:

"Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfil the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."

This message pops up when I right click on a file in an Explorer window and choose "Send To" and "Mail Recipient". It also pops up when I right click on a contact in Palm Dekstop and choose "Email...".
08/09/2002 7:19pm
Whats happening there is that Scribe is not aware of some command line options (or some other API) that windows requires a mail app to have.

Scribe responds to the basic "open email to address" type command line. That you get from say IE or mozilla when you click a mailto: link.

I'll look into this furthur for you.