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Ed Vazquez
27/05/2021 12:13am
For some reason, I missed the "Leave Messages on Server" checkbox when I initially set up the client.

Now that I've "cleaned" the server - is there any way to move the downloaded messages back up so I can access them from multiple locations?

Thank you.
27/05/2021 11:10am
Not using Scribe. Depending on the other clients you can sometimes import the mail directly to the folders. With Scribe you can export individual email by dragging them from the list view to a folder or the desktop. Works great on Windows... YMMV on Linux/Mac.
10/07/2021 10:26pm
I would send the 'cleaned from the server'-mails to my own account again (using 'forward'). Downside is that by this way you loose the original email's date and sender in the list view.