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Author/Date Is there full support for OAuth?
17/04/2021 7:54pm
Servers like Gmail (especially the commercial version) can no longer work without OAuth, is there support for it?

In Account=>Configure, there is OAUTH2 under Authentication Type, but I'm not sure it's done right as you also ask for username/password, and the whole point in OAuth is not to ask them yourself.

OAuth is supposed to launch a browser window from, for example Gmail, and register Scribe in the online account.

I've installed SSL, but no matter which settings I've tried in Scribe no connection occurred and worse still not a single error message popped up to explain what's going on.

Eventually, I've noticed the bottom window (Account) states errors such:
Error: OpenSSLSocket.cpp:886 - 10008:error:2008F002:BIO routines:BIO_lookup_ex:system lib:crypto\bio\b_addr.c:730:N
SSL connection closed.
ScribeImap_Thread.cpp:802 - IMAP connection to failed.

20/04/2021 8:18am
Well, the whole issue was I wrote instead of

Once I wrote it correctly, it popped up the browser to approve OAuth.
However, why did it write:
Google hasn’t verified this app

The app is requesting access to sensitive info in your Google Account.
Until the developer verifies this app with Google, you shouldn't use it.


Will you consider verifying it? I guess it's done through

20/04/2021 9:05am
Yeah I know about that. I did try and get it verified, and they initially responded querying the scopes I was using. I adjusted those and resubmitted it some time later. They then stopped responding to me and I don't know how to restart the process again. I can't cancel the existing verification and can't move forward either. Google FTW hey.