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Author/Date Extracting attached messages
17/11/2020 9:20pm
Dragging an attached message to file explorer will create an .eml file. This file can be opened with a new instance of InScribe, but I do not see any way to add this attached message to any message folders in InScribe. When the message is opened, the Save buttons are disabled. Dragging the attached folder to a message folder no longer creates the message in that folder.

How do I extract attached messages into a message folder?
09/02/2021 10:42pm
I tried dragging the attached .eml file to a folder in Scribe (not the main list view) and it created a copy of the email there. This has always been the way it supposed to work. Which version are you using at the moment?
22/03/2021 9:51pm
It seems this was a bug in my file manager; the problem goes away if I use the built-in file manager.