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Paul Logasa Bogen II
30/08/2002 2:24pm
I cannot figure out how to get my Exchange calendar and email folders. Your feature list claims it should be able to.
30/08/2002 10:30pm
In terms of connecting to exchange you should be able to the following:
- Get mail using POP, IMAP or MAPI.
- Send mail using SMTP
- Retreive contacts with the LDAP client plugin.

At the moment the calendar function can't connect to an exchange server to retreive mail.

Also while you can import mail from a MAPI source you can't manage mail stored in MAPI (exchange), it's a fetch new mail from inbox only sort of thing, same as POP. Also some people find that not all items import from a MAPI source, so be aware that the code is not perfect. The reason I can't improve it [easily] is that I don't have access to an exchange server at the moment.

One more problem you may run into is that if the exchange server is not running the standard protocols then some things may not work. This is up to the exchange admin, and varies from site to site on which actual protocols exchange is using. However my experience is that most exchange installations run the above mentioned protocols.

I hope this clears up what Scribe can and can't do.
S Kumar
27/03/2003 4:00am
I downloaded the Test-10 for linux and launched it. MAPI does not seem to be listed in options. Is this temporary?
27/03/2003 4:35pm
I should've made it clear as well that MAPI is a Windows only API that no other OS supports, and thus Scribe cannot support MAPI on Linux or BeOS.

MAPI is a proprietry storage system and protocol that no-one has reverse engineered.