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Author/Date 1.89 test 7 bug....
02/10/2006 3:08pm
This version has some interesting problems. After launch (and configuring SSL the new way) the first attempt at 'receive' works fine but subsequent attempts fail with the message:
Error: ScribeSSL.cpp:145 - SSL_CTX_new failed
The send function doesn't work at all; a 'cannot connect server' warning shows up.
The interesting thing is that everything works again if the SSL plugin from test 6 is reinstalled!
02/10/2006 11:44pm
The plugin shouldn't make any difference, the new code doesn't use it at all.

Which SSL mode are you using for sending?

If you want I can try logging in to your server from this end to test the code on a live server. That way I can fix any issues that I find quickly. If you want to do that then email the login details and I'll try it in the dev build. SSL problems are a high priority at the moment so it'll get looked at promptly. I discard login details as soon as I've fixed the problem.
03/10/2006 4:15am
I've tried both SSL modes (for send and receive) and all of the login options without much luck. So far loading the plugin is the only way to get everything working. I'll send you the server info by e-mail.