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18/09/2006 1:24pm

is there a way to export my messages into thunderbird? I did not find any way to do this...

Cheers s5n
18/09/2006 9:51pm
Yes, export folder to mbox by dragging them to the desktop (or some folder) and then you should be able to import those into Thurnderbird.
Ou Boet
19/11/2006 12:05am
I've dragged a few mail folders to the desktop and they saved as MBX files. But how do you import them into Thunderbird? The import function only lists formats for Communicator, Eudora, Outlook and Outlook Express. Of those, only the Eudora option does anything with the files, but the import does not work properly. The mails are garbled and the attachments are "lost".

Please help.

21/11/2006 8:56pm
Did you find a solution for this ? I'm interested as well.
Ou Boet
22/11/2006 3:26pm
Not yet. Looks like my old emails will have to be stored with a "standalone" setup of InScribe so that I can get to them if I need to.

I'll post here if i find the answer. Maybe the Memecode guys can write an extention or plugin that will export to the format of your choice.

Ou Boet
23/11/2006 7:01pm
Rejoice - It seems as though I have found the answer.

First, download and install the MboxImport extention from the page given below. Then import from the Thunderbird menus:

Tools --> Import/Export in mbox format --> Import mbox file

I did a few tests here at work and it seems that it works well. I'll do a big import at home of all my emails later this evening. Read the site below for some more detailed instructions.

Hope this helps others.


25/11/2006 2:00pm
thanks heaps OB