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Author/Date Picture Spam making it past filter
11/09/2006 5:39pm
I've been using the same filter as you for catching picture spam and have been getting some mail coming through. The attachment has no file extension and simply has a MIME Type of "image/gif". How would I filter based on the mimetype of the attachment? I've tried AttachmentMIMEType, AttachmentMimiType and MimeType but all to no avail.
11/09/2006 6:59pm
Sorry, that would be AttachmentMimeType *not* Mimi, just to clear that up
11/09/2006 9:59pm
Currently there is no way to filter on the MIME type of an attachment. But I had exactly the same experience. A few got through.
15/10/2006 10:16pm
please get on with doing something about it ...... i get dozens a day.