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Author/Date New Linux Screenshot!
28/08/2002 11:42am
Awesome...looks NICE!!!

keep up the good work!

-(patiently waiting)
28/08/2002 4:09pm
kewl :)
29/08/2002 7:36am
Nice work =)

Question though, is it QT or GTK... or neither? I see your using KDE so the obvious answer would be QT, but I'm using Gnome so all things QT makes my eyes sting.
Brad C.
29/08/2002 11:08am
I am not positive but i believe he is just using X...mostly because of licensing issues with QT, meaning
that if he used QT he would have to either buy the
expensive QT license or alternatively release the source
of his project(which he is, understandably, not willing to do)

29/08/2002 8:17pm
The LGI implementation only uses XLib... so it's free from any licencing issues, and as a by product, fast and lean.

I originally wrote the first iteration of the port using Qt, but then I read the licence more carefully and decided that it wasn't for me.

Currently it mimics the Win32 and BeOS ports in that it:
- requires write access to the executables path for storing settings (scribe.r).
- is single user (or one user per install).
- keeps requirements on the OS to a minimum.

Things I'd like to fix before I release a build:
- D'n'd (not even slightly implemented). Needed for moving mail between folders.
- Polish some more of the socket code, it's very raw right at the moment.
- Fix accessing the GUI components from non-GUI threads. Standard XWindows problem.
- Html control not showing text.
- GTextView's not accepting input.
- Fix display of tab's in the editors.

Then I think I'll have an alpha.
31/08/2002 8:05am
This time around i'll wait, just wiped my Gentoo 1.2 and installed 1.4, gonna wait for i.Scribe Linux port this time for e-mail needs on Linux.

So I will be able to put my mail file on a FAT drive and have both Linux/XP accessing and writing to it without any problems?

How does basic X compare performance wise to the others? i.Scribe for Windows is quite über fast so you've spoiled me to expect similar on Linux, possible?

31/08/2002 9:39am
The plan is to put the mail on the FAT partition for Windows to access, and then mount it under Linux so that it's common.

So far the Linux build seems to run as fast as the Windows version. Except for resizing windows, where it seems to bog down a little. But thats not too bad considering.
02/09/2002 11:17pm
I think that having the common mail file would be great. I personally have seperate machines for Linux and Windows, but if it just looks for the file then I can do it via a Samba share. And with the Linux port using X11 I can check my email from anywhere on campus. Kewl . . . . :)