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Author/Date Issue sending through second account
28/04/2020 10:12pm
I have two SMTP accounts configured for sending email, but the second account does not send mail.
I get the following error popping up:
Error: 553: You are not authorized to send mail as ''
Error: 553: You are not authorized to send mail as ''
The Send connection log also displays:
SSL connection closed.
SendStart failed.
The Send connection log for account2 is blank. It seems that the Send algorithm sends all accounts through the default account? I recently had this configured such that both accounts would transmit, but after my settings got corrupted, I have been unable to restore the settings.
01/05/2020 8:33am
If you want to always send through the SMTP associated with the sending email account, you have to tick the "Only send through this account" option in the account's Identity tab.

Most people use one SMTP for everything. So the default is off. Sometimes though SMTP servers white list the sending email address, in which case you have to tell Scribe to use the associated SMTP for that account.
02/05/2020 1:51am
I have a disposable account that I give to potential spammers in case things go awry. Responding to emails that were received from this account is problematic, but apparently only when I use the Send button in the toolbar.

Clicking the Send button generates the errors discussed before. However, if I right-click on the second account in the Accounts window and click Send, then the email is sent correctly.

The Send button is not detecting the sending account correctly and appears to be sending all messages from the first account.

I do not have the "Only send through this account" option checked.