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Author/Date Scribe stays minimized on start
18/04/2020 9:21pm
Scribe often remains minimized in the taskbar when I start Scribe.
Such state is reproducable.
I usually start Scribe by double-click its icon on the taskbar.
When I then check the context menu of the taskbar icon, Scribe is running, but no window for it. I don't get a window from the context menu either.

A workaround that often does the job is that I close Scribe, than start another application and then restart Scribe. Often Scribe comes up then with a window.

Not all programs help, however. Chrome never works as a helper, Sylpheed usually does.

Version 2.4.12 Win64
OS Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909
30/04/2020 12:19am
Ok yes, this is an issue that needs to be fixed. In the meantime when it happens left clicking the tray icon several times usually shows the window. I'll try and look at it soon. But there is lots of people needing help right now.
04/05/2020 6:18am
Workaround ist CTRL+SHIFT + right click and select 'maximize' in contents menu.