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Author/Date 'Limit to' field in item filter is empty on Filters folder
11/04/2020 3:00am
I have plenty of filters and it would be nice to use the 'Limit to' of the Item Filter to locate which filter is applicable to a specific email. The Item Filter can find the name of the filter but sorting by Name can almost do that just as well. It would be really nice if, on a Filters folder, the 'Limit to' field contained: Name and Condition. Also having Action and Script would be a bonus.
11/04/2020 5:09pm
The item filter for better or worse really just filters what you see in the list, it's not a deep inspection of the object. The find window does that.

However the find window only works on Mail and Contacts. So to help in this case I've implemented deep search of Filters in the find window. ie right click on the filters folder -> find -> enter search string..

It'll search the Filter's name, actions, script and conditions and put any matches in the results list.