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Author/Date Delete from server when emptied from Trash
19/08/2006 2:00pm

I've just discovered this great program. But one important option for me is missing. After checking 'Leave messages on server' there should be possibility to check 'Delete from server when emtied from Trash'.
I think it is the standard option in mail programs.

21/08/2006 8:21am

Is there any chance that such option will be added in the future version of program?

Actually, it would be enough to have a filter which works _only_ on messages in specified folder (Trash in my case). Can it be done now?

21/08/2006 10:26pm
It was so easy... Delete local,server If mail.Folder==Trash
I've wasted so much time to discover it :(
Anyway, Scribe is very nice!

30/08/2006 1:16pm
So where do you put that?
30/08/2006 10:07pm
I am not sure if I understand you.

After deleting message it is in Trash. You have to use correct filter on Trash folder to delete messages (which are in Trash) from server and locally.

Actually, I have noticed that marking message as a spam automatically delete it from server!!! So now, I mark all messages, which I want to delete from server, as a spam :) It is not an elegant solution but it works!

09/12/2014 7:33am
Please, could anyone explain (step by step) how I can create this filter, to delete messages in the trash from server?

I only recently started using Scribe. I was using Ultrafunk Popcorn before, but that program was too limited. I like the simplicity and interface (very retro!) a lot. The only feature I'm missing is "delete from server" (which others have requested before). I want to keep all messages on the server until I choose to delete them permanently. I have lost all my mails in the past because I was messing with different email programs. I don't wish that to happen again. :)

Thanks in advance