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Author/Date "Limit to" field in Item filter has no effect
06/03/2020 11:35am
Setting "Limit to" to any field does not change the search results. Even setting to "Date" has no effect.
06/03/2020 12:15pm
Fixed for the next build.
06/05/2020 9:16pm
The "Limit to" field does not have an option to search through the Text or HTML fields which I thought was the most critical search criteria.
Leaving it at "(none)" does not search the Text or HTML.
07/05/2020 7:37am
FYI The item filter is only looking at the columns you have in the list view. If you add "Text" or "Html" to the columns, it'll look there too.

I'm open to changing it to be more complete, ie searching beyond the columns in the list view. But it'll end up duplicating the Search window functionality. And at what point do I collapse the searching functionality into one feature?