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21/08/2002 12:11pm
Are all of the _icons.gif pics 16x16? I'm trying out a new skin, and when I put some of the items as 16x16 (namely the send/receive/inactive 'bubbles', the exclamation, the flag, and the replied/forwarded arrows), they get a bit cut off or overlap. All of the _toolbar.gif icons look good, though.
21/08/2002 7:34pm
They are 16x16... however in some of the graphics I don't use all the space allowed for that element. For instance the send/receive/wait dots/bubbles are 8 pixels across. So you can really only use the space (2,0)-(10,15) in the 16x16 area for those icons. However if you would like to use the whole area I'm willing to make the code detect the transparent part and size accordingly.

Sorry I havn't documented any of this. I didn't think people would be interested in doing alternative graphics for Scribe. But it's great that you are so I want to help out where I can.
22/08/2002 6:56am
Sizing according to the transparent area would be ideal if it's not too much of a pain.
26/08/2002 9:35pm
Sent you a copy of the skin to test with, Matthew.