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Author/Date Mail Filters Menu is broken
11/05/2019 8:55pm
In v2.3.15, the "Add <email> to existing filter >" and "Add <email> to contact group >" menus are broken and do not have any lists popping up when selected.
12/05/2019 10:39am
This is only the case if the system folder setting for filters doesn't resolve to a valid path. See File -> Manage Mail Stores -> System Folders -> Filters. What do you have in that setting?

The new multi-mail store aware functionality didn't extend to the scripting sub-system for v2.3.15, but I've added a new script function 'GetSourceFolders(Id)' that will call the internal method that can see all the mail store's various groupware folders (contacts, filters etc). So it should work better in the next release, and ignore the system folder setting.

In general how are the filters and contacts in v2.3.15? There were fixes specifically for you.
18/05/2019 10:31pm
I've got the filters set to /Filters. The contacts are working wonderfully -- it's picking up contacts from every mail store. Sending to a contact group also works properly.
For filters, conditions that use the Domain or Email fields seem to work and conditions based on Groups don't work.