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15/08/2002 5:59pm
I've sort of given up on this being able to run same mailfile on all OS's, I've almost finalized my move to Linux thus I'm now also doing all my mail buisness in Linux (Evolution).

Win32 users should pride themselves with having a kickass option like i.Scribe to use as e-mail client, there aren't anything quite like it under Linux so I've kind of had to settle for the second best, but my option is a Linux only client, which get Linux only quality time during it's creation/refinement process so I think i.Scribe should stay Win32 only to ensure Windows users the best quality possible, and let the future see what the Linux holds in the future for the rest of you puny mortals =)

I've plowed through pretty much all UI e-mail clients there is under Linux, and there is still a tiny tear under my eye when I see i.Scribe screenshots and know I can't have it.
16/08/2002 10:57am
Well..I disagree with that..Kmail is a beautifull email client with extensive filters and mailbox options.
If it only had the quickness of Iscribe...;)

19/08/2002 6:10am
You can use Sylpheed under Linux, the best Linux mail client ever!

19/08/2002 10:04am
I actually use Sylpheed (claws) now, it easily matches i.Scribe in speed and I got most of the functions I want, but I won't be 100% Linux in the near future since there still is a few tasks I can't do under Linux, SO... i'm still holding my thumbs for Linux i.Scribe sometime in the future.