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08/06/2006 1:11pm
A nice thing to have somewhere would be a list of error codes.

On one specific account, on Linux, I get "SocketError 34 (Unknown Error)" when trying to receive mail. Only on this account, and only on Linux.

But "Error 34" doesn't help me trace the problem.

Can a list of error codes be posted?

And what could be error 34? Why only on this account?



(looking forward for the new version, Windows and Linux)
08/06/2006 1:42pm
This is likely to be whatever is sitting in errno after the call into the socket API, or maybe a return code from a function if it has one. I'd have to work out what function it's failing on first before being able to definitively answer that question.
21/06/2006 3:01pm
Fine, thanks.

BTW, I still do NOT receive Post Notifications...

Thanks again,