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Author/Date mailmerge - blank mail
09/02/2019 9:11am
I have followed the help to make a mailmerge using 'mail merge with template'. Then saved to outbox.
Problem: Empty text body.

Template contents is:
<? contact.FirstName ?> <? contact.SurName ?>

Did I get the syntax wrong?

Note: to the left of the generated emails addressee, there is a red question mark. Does not to have any effect, but I wonder if it has a meaning.

Setup is: inscribe V 2.3.7 64bit on Windows 10 build 1809
18/03/2019 10:48am
The syntax that works is:

<? contact.First ?> <? contact.SurName ?>

There is a list of field names in the Dom.txt in the scripting sub-folder.

However I think it's plain text only. Doing that in HTML seems to not work, so that's something I'll have to fix.

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Must've missed the notification email.