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13/08/2002 11:46pm
Wondering how other users would feel about this:
Should Scribe be altered to automatically mark any message replied to as read by default?
Since I reply to most messages by just viewing them in preview, they currently don't get marked as read even when I reply, which seems odd to me (but maybe I'm just odd).
Steven Hall
16/08/2002 1:55pm
I feel that messages replied to should be marked as read as there is an implication that if you are replying to it you are acknowledging the message.

The troubling messages are those that are viewed via the preview panel. Should they be marked as read? At my old job we used Outlook Express (*shudder*) as our main e-mail program an it used to bug me that it would automatically mark a message as read after x seconds.

Perhaps the preview panel could benefit from a button to mark a message as read.
16/08/2002 10:18pm
I've got a feature on the todo list to setup an option to mark mail read after so many seconds when looking at it in the preview window. It'll be optional of course.

And for the setting the email read on replying, that just makes sense that you've read the original. So I'll add that in sometime.