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Author/Date Script errors in v2.3.1
18/11/2018 4:38am
I'm getting the following script errors with the new build:
Error: Can't alloc register, Regs=0xff

Error: Index 0 is not a valid infix location

MoveThing error: Arg 1 not a DOM object.

Error: Undefined variable: Null

I can fix the bottom error by replacing "null" with "0".
The others are proving to be more challenging.
18/11/2018 10:27am
Can you send me the source?

Or is it something private?
18/11/2018 9:48pm
There were a bunch of scripting unit tests not passing so I fixed at least 4 different issues. This might resolve your issue(s) as well.
20/11/2018 1:56pm
The following code gave me a "Can't alloc register..." error:
... else if ((Mail.From.Email.Find("Fred") >= 0) 
|| (Mail.From.Email.Find("Wilma") >= 0)
|| (Mail.From.Email.Find("Barney") >= 0)
|| (Mail.From.Email.Find("Betty") >=0) )
    Fd = GetFolder("/home/Relatives/Flintstones");
    MoveThing(Fd, Mail);

However, when I tried to isolate it to a separate filter, it didn't fail.
25/11/2018 10:10am
Does v2.3.2 fix those errors?
03/12/2018 12:39am
They are mostly fixed. However, I have one filter which causes the script parser to abort as if it hit an exception and stops parsing further filters. All mail gets dumped into the folder in the Actions tab, but the Print action does not get executed. The print statement at the start of the script does not get executed either.
03/12/2018 2:37am
I found the problem. I had some code outside of the
if (Filter.TestConditions) { }
block. The code included a call to: