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Author/Date exporting Scribe folders
01/06/2006 2:02pm
Thanks for all the work fRet and the new version runs really fast as do load-ups of folders but, sorry to say I just can't figure out how the export Scribe folders feature works - at least it doesn't with me : I choose destination folders (why two destination folders?), some folders and then nothing happens, OK stays greyed out, as do source folders - could you explain the procedure please fRet? Thanks.
01/06/2006 10:59pm
Basically when you use the Scribe export function you should start at the top, and set the destination mail store, which is the mail2 file you want to write to. This will enable the rest of the controls. Then set whether you want to export all the folder or just some of the folders from the currently loaded mail2 file. Then below that is the "Destination Folder" which is the sub-folder inside the destination mail2 that you want to export into. By default it's '/' which corrasponds to the root folder, i.e. if you export the '/Inbox' folder with the dest set to '/' then the output folder is '/Inbox', however if the dest folder is say '/Data' then your source '/Inbox' folder would appear as '/Data/Inbox' in the dest mail2 file.

Maybe some rewording of the controls is needed.
02/06/2006 4:22am
I had the a similar problem, nothing happened upon launching the synchro - but the '/' did the trick. It didn't show up by itself - maybe that should be changed, at least when synchronising all folders.

Excellent work, fret, now waiting for the filters to be synchronised, too!
02/06/2006 5:09pm
Well I finally got my head round it - and yes it works fine, thanks again fRet.
While I'm here could I make another suggestion or request : to add to the right-click context menu on a folder the possibility to select "unread" and/or "read" messages. I've tried with filters but I must be really dumb - no way...