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Author/Date Unable to send mail through 2nd POP3 account
21/10/2018 1:39pm
I have two POP accounts, but I can only send from one of them. When I send from the other, I get the message:
Error: 553 You are not authorized to send mail as <>

If I disable the first account and retry the send, it works. It fails when they are both configured.
21/10/2018 7:17pm
Check the log first... make sure you are actually using the right SMTP server. There are various settings to control the SMTP used. By default the client will use the SMTP server set in File -> Options -> Accounts -> Default send Account. But if you set "Only send through this account" in a specific account's Identity tab then that overrides the global default SMTP.
23/10/2018 9:01pm
Yes, this was set incorrectly. When it was failing, it failed horrifically; it would: hang on shutdown, not send mail, delete all received email in the current session.
23/10/2018 11:08pm
When it was failing, it failed horrifically; it would: hang on shutdown, not send mail, delete all received email in the current session.
Owwww. Are they SSL connections? They are much more difficult to shutdown cleanly than a normal socket. Well they shouldn't be, but that is the current state of affairs.
24/10/2018 10:19pm
25/10/2018 11:11am
Thus I shall have to attend to that code's cancel handling. The infrastructure is in place but it's not well used by the SSL socket code.
25/10/2018 10:24pm
Here's some more details on the issues during shutdown (to the best of my recollection):
- after selecting File-Exit, a pop-up would appear saying something like "Killing <connection> - wait..."; this would never shut down by itself.
- attempts to kill one of the Scribe processes with Task Manager cause the "Killing..." pop-up to go away but Scribe is still active and functional.
- when the other Scribe task is killed with TM, a prompt comes up to kill the Scribe process and it then terminates (deleting all changes to the folders or received emails created in this session).
29/10/2018 11:52pm
It looks like both accounts need to be configured as "Only send through this account." I had only one configured and it hung on shutdown after attempting to send. I set the second account and it got hung during shutdown again; after starting up, the setting was still cleared.

Another side effect of this hang is that the forward/reply icon next to the original email does not get set.
04/12/2018 11:27pm
This problem still occurs with v2.3.2. I noticed yesterday that the green send indicator was constantly on. When I shut down iScribe I discovered that it was hung and had to be killed through Task Manager. After restarting, all emails and changes to the database since Nov 26 were gone. I suspect that all of the emails that I sent since that time never got sent. Should I send you the connection log?
08/12/2018 11:18am
Should I send you the connection log?
Yes that might give me an idea on what's going on. If I can't figure it out from the logs then ideally I'd like to log in via TeamViewer and see for myself what's going on, maybe try a few other different settings. Ultimately if there is a hole users are falling into I can adjust things so that it's fixed for others as well.
12/12/2018 11:04pm
I'm suspecting that the problem might be an Outgoing mail filter script which moves the mail into various "Sent" folders. I've disabled this filter for now. When I have time, I'll play around with this to see if I can duplicate the problem.

I just noticed that the connection.log file is absolutely huge (close to 2 GB) and contains details for every email received.