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14/08/2018 12:18am
Could someone post a quick set of instructions for installing Scribe in Linux (Ubuntu 16.x, in my case)? The Linux version does not come as an install package, and my Linux is rusty so I am not clear on where I need to plunk the various components. (Also, no instructions in the install.html help file.)

Thank you.
14/08/2018 4:37pm
At the moment you'll have to use it in Portable mode, i.e. unzip somewhere in your home folder and run from there. The settings and mail will be kept with the application. If there is a pressing need to have a proper installer I could look at writing one but at the moment there is next to no Linux user base so it wouldn't be good use of my time.
15/08/2018 12:56am
No problem dumping the whole uncompressed folder in the Home folder and running it in portable mode from there. Even that simple instruction is a help.