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Author/Date Feature request: more flexible contact group recognition
29/07/2018 9:47pm
Would it be possible to add a domain into a contact group?

I am using contact groups heavily in my filters and often I need to add several email addresses from the same domain to a single contact group. It would be nice if I could just add the domain to the contact group.
30/07/2018 2:34pm
Can't you just use the from address directly for that?


01/08/2018 9:51am
Yes, I suppose that works as well. I was hoping to clean up the filter conditions by pushing them into a contact group.

Are they both just as efficient? I've got a lot of filters and it takes a while for them to run on a large folder.
01/08/2018 10:40am
If you want speed then:

"mail.From.Email" Contains ""

Will be the fastest way. Looking up a group is slow because it has to scan through the objects, read the list out, parse it into individual addresses. It could be optimized of course but at the moment it isn't.
06/08/2018 9:52pm
Would that be faster than:
"mail.From.Domain" = ""
07/08/2018 10:42am
Would that be faster...
No significant difference.