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Author/Date Feature request: window menu
24/05/2018 8:56am
I often have several windows open and it's a pain to find them with the keyboard only. Would it be possible to add a Window menu in the menu bar that would list all of the windows that are currently open. Selecting the window would bring it to the top and in focus.

Ideally, a keyboard shortcut key would be assigned to each window, i.e, 0 - 9 and A - Z. Any more than that seems outlandish.
24/05/2018 4:36pm
I have a "kinda" solution for you. If you put Scribe as the first icon in the task bar (next to start or the contana search bar) you can cycle through Scribe's windows using Win+1. (Or pick a number relative to the icons position).

I'm not going to implement a window menu any time soon. Too many important issues on my todo list.
26/05/2018 9:02pm
Okay, that works.