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Author/Date Where does tab go?
Michael Crocker
05/08/2002 1:28pm
With focus on meesage list, press tab expecting it to move focus to preview so that arrow keys can be used to scroll, but preview window doesn't get focus and I can't tell which control does. IMO, pressing tab should alternate focus between the 3 windows -- folder list, message list and preview pane (and maybe status if open).
05/08/2002 9:39pm
I don't know where it goes. But I'll see if I can fix it so that it rolls around the folder, item, preview (if open).
08/08/2002 11:56pm
This is fixed in v1.75, which is available now.

11/08/2002 5:10am
umm a ctrl+r hotkey to reply to email when the mail window is open? :) and mark as read when previewing. those should be two good features.