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Author/Date Feature request: add message log window
16/04/2018 2:18am
I'm finding that messages that I write to the Console are getting lost amongst the debug / error / warning messages generated by InScribe.

It would be nice if there was a separate message log window that could be written to for notifications of certain emails and filtering results. User generated messages would be much easier to find.
14/05/2018 10:59pm
I'm reluctant to separate out into different logs. But I can tone down the volume of debug stuff. And maybe colour code things.

If you let me know what messages are too noisy, I'll delete or fix the source.
26/07/2018 9:51am
Right now, I'm getting plenty of:
- "open blob",
- "close blob",
- "GhtmlParser.cpp:911 - Warning: 'body' is missing",
- "Caught exited thread state, Accountlet[8]=00000..."

18/08/2018 8:50am
They are all either commented out or debug only. (for the next build)