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Author/Date Unable to directly bounce email
15/04/2018 1:32am
When I bounce and send an email, I get an error message telling me that I'm not authorized to send mail as <>. Apparently, the From address is unchanged which gets rejected. Shouldn't the From address be changed to the default From address?
15/04/2018 12:10pm
Bounce in it's current form is probably mis-understood. It's for when you receive an email that is not really for you and you want to "forward" it on to someone else and have their reply go back to the first sender. So it will try and send as the original sender. If your SMTP doesn't allow that then you can't really use bounce. Most SMTP's DO allow sending as someone other than yourself, particularly if you authenticate with your username and password, say if you're using your ISP's SMTP server.